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Early life:

Most the people in this world born with the ordinary background and conditions, and most of them depart in the same circumstances. But, some get their way towards success and progress through their hard work and commitment. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of them who raised from ashes to sky. The legend soccer star was born on 5 february,1985. He took birth in madeira; the city of Portugal.

The star footballer was named after famous US president Ronald Reagan as he was the favorite personality of his father Denis Avero. The star footballer belonged to a lower middle class family, and his early life was not a bed of roses rather it was a bed of thrones. It was too difficult for his parents to bring up their progeny. In his early life the star footballer remained deprived of many basic facilities as his father was a Gardner and mother was a cook who used to serve at houses globalweedhouse.com of people. Since his early life the star footballer had a keen interest in playing soccer indeed he started playing soccer at the age of just 8 “Androinha”.

With the passage of time he put his utmost endeavors to bring his dream true of becoming the star soccer player. Having played football at the age of 8 years for Androinha the legend player took his way to become a professional soccer star. In 1995 at the age of just 10 years the legend joined the club named ‘Nacional’ situated in his home town Madeira. This was a fate changing point of his life and since then he never took his steps back from his goals.

Later he played for the biggest clubs like ‘sporting CP’ after passing his trials as a player. Cristiano Ronaldo remained committed to club de Portugal (also known as sporting Lisbon) where he served as a player and then debuted for ‘Sporting PC’ in 2002. Having developed his skill into a forward with a free reined attacking style, Ronaldo was emerging as star footballer.

At the age of the legend got a heart disease which compelled him to go for a surgery. But, star footballer ignored all the advises of his consultants and got himself fit through his physical training and exercise. He kept on working on his skills and raised as a undefeatable player. He developed acrobatic styles and skills which not only amazed world, but, the renowned football players also appeared to appreciate his approach of tackling opponent.

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